COVID19 at moderte risk patient

Dear Patient,  



We have been asked by NHS England or the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) to review your risk of contracting the Coronavirus as you have been sent a letter advising you to “shield”. Having reviewed your medical notes we are pleased to inform you that you are at moderate risk, do no longer meet the current shielding criteria and have been removed from the national shielding database.

The Chief Medical Officer has set the criteria for inclusion on the list. Only a very small percentage of our patients will be on the extremely vulnerable ‘shielding list’ as advising patients to remain indoors for many weeks or possibly months is quite an extreme thing to ask. There are risks to your physical and mental health by doing this, and as restrictions are lifted in the future those on the extremely vulnerable ‘shielding list’ will likely still have to remain indoors.

Most other patients are either at low risk if they have no significant medical issues, but all those that would usually be offered an annual flu vaccination are at moderate risk. They are being advised to ‘stringently social distance’. This is very similar to shielding but is less restrictive for example going out for shopping or exercise is still possible. Further information on social distancing is available here:

We hope this information is helpful for you. If you think you should still shield that is your decision, though it might be helpful to compare your medical issues with the criteria on the link above to help you decide, however you will not be eligible for the government program for assistance.

 Yours sincerely,

Drs. Beyer & Alam

Dovecot Health Centre


The extremely vulnerable ‘shielding list’ is based on the patients who are at the most severe risk from coronavirus, mostly due to immune problems. The full list of conditions can be found here: